BankSync is powerful yet incredibly simple to use. Whether you're importing vast amounts of data, adding or deleting your bank or accounts, we've built the tools to enable you to take full control over your bank account and your data.

To access the BankSync manager, Let's jump back into to BankSync under the power-ups menu.

Deleting your bank account

  1. Choose power-ups

  2. Then BankSync

  3. Choose the cog in the top right 

You'll be shown the following options:

1. Remove Bank account and data
This will Delete bank account and all transactional records associated with this account

OR you can choose to..

2. Keep data and remove bank account
This will delete the bank account, but keep all imported transactional data associated with this account.

You can do the same for one single bank account if you have multiple connected accounts.

Just choose the cog next to the active account, and you'll see you have the same options of what we want o do with our date as the previous example.

Importing transactions from another tax year

Let's say you've already imported the current tax year and you want to import last years also.

  1. Choose the cog

  2. choose manage data

  3. choose the previous tax year 

  4. and hit save

TAXO'D will now import your transaction, all you need to do is go through and process your business transactions.

Removing transaction data from a specific year tax year

  1. Choose the cog

  2. choose manage data

  3. now tap on the year you want to remove to deselect it

  4. and hit save

TAXO'D will remove the data associated with this year and notify you once done.

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