Apply Actions+ to your Categories

One thing to be aware of when you’re working through your transactions, is the categorisation of your transaction. 

TAXO'D can auto-categorise transactions within 80% accuracy, but then categorisation is more of a preference and you should choose a category that you feel best fits any one type of expenditure. 

You can do this by 

  1. Tap on a transaction

  2. choosing category

  3. then choose a new category. 

  4. Then hit update 

and you’ll see the category change and update in the drawer.

But let’s say if you wanted to teach TAXO’D to always remember your category choice for this type of expense. This is where Actions+ come into play. 

  1. Change category 

When you hover over a transaction you'll see an option with 'A+'. This stands for Actions+. This allows you to apply actions to your transactions and teach TAXO’D what to do with this transaction in future. 

You can apply actions by either selecting a transactions and choosing Actions+ from the expense screen or hitting A+ from the history drawer. 

On mobile swipe left and you'll see Actions+ in the top navigation.

You'll see the name of the transaction under ITEMS CALLED:

Choose the category we want to change it too 

and then lastly, we have the option of how this action is applied.

  1. If I leave the toggle switched off it will apply this action to this transaction and all future transactions with the same name. 

  2. If I switch it on, we can apply this action to all transactions with the same name, both old and new. 

Then hit APPLY

2. Multi-action 

Another way to approach this is to change and automate categorisation for multiple items at once. 

If we check a few transactions and choose Actions, you’ll see that all of your selected items are listed here 

Let’s categorise them as travel for example and want to apply these categorisations to all transactions both old and new - you will need to switch the toggle on. You’ll see all of these transactions are updated here in the drawer.


MOBILE: To use the multi-select option on mobile, swipe any one transaction to the left to select it. Now tap on any other item to multi-select and you will see the option to mark all as personal or apply an Action+ to them just like on the web app. 

The goal is to automate as much of the workflow as possible by teaching TAXO'D to do the repetitive stuff for you, so all that is left for you to do his confirm all is good and dandy. 

TAXO'D will attempt to pull in any new transactions twice every hour, so you'll always be up to date. So next time you check in, just make sure to check and confirm those transactions and go about your business, without that dark cloud in your head were you are losing track of your accounts!

Once your all caught up and up to date, you just need to check in every now and then.

Who thought taxing could be so much fun!

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