Another way to process your personal transactions is to use the multi-select option.

Here's how...

Web app

In either the income or expenses drawer...

  1. hover over a transaction and check the tick box on the left

  2. then, click any other transactions that you want to mark as personal.


  1. swipe left on any transaction to select your first record

  2. then, tap on any other transactions that you want to mark as personal

When you do this, you'll see you have two options in the top bar. Apply an action or mark as personal. Choose mark all to mark all of these as personal. And you'll see the indicator turn greta and the counter update.

You can find out more about actions+ in this article[link]

Now, any future items with the same name will still appear here in the Banksync process screen with new transactions, but they will be already marked as personal - all you need to do is hit confirm.

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