Processing your transactions

  1. If you've imported one tax years, you'll see the option to 'take me there'. You'll now be taken to either the income or expenses feed first, depending on whichever has the most imported transactions.  

  2. If you imported more than one tax year, then you'll need to choose which year you want to process first. 

When you first jump into the BankSync processing screen, you'll see the Green BankSync Banner at the top of your screen. You'll always know you’re in BankSync mode when yous see this banner.

BankSync mode

Jump back to regular income/expenses screen

You can jump back to your regular income and expense feed by click on the arrow at the top right of the green banner.

Review required

If you have any new pending transactions from your bank feed, you’ll see the 'REVIEW' notification here in the banner followed by a number. This is the number of transactions there are that still need to be processed by you.

Once clicked, it will take you back to the BankSync process screen. 


The grand tour

Below the green banner, you'll see a counter which shows how much new business Vs personal transactions there are in each month. By default, TAXO'D, marks all transactions as business.   

Assuming that the bank account you've connected is predominately for your business, TAXO'D saves you a whole lot of time by automatically marking all new transactions as business.

All you need to do is mark any non-business transactions as personal. You can do that by hovering over the transactions; and checking personal as required.

You'll now notice when we do that  the green indicator on the right changes to the colour grey. 

This is to help you to quickly identify and distinguish between personal items which are marked grey, versus business items which are marked green.  

When you do this, you'll see the counter provides us with a live update. 

Marking Personal/Business on mobile

TAXO'D user experience is the same no matter which device you use TAXO’D on. Just on mobile to mark a business transaction as personal, all we need to do is:

  • swipe right on the transaction and you’ll see the label state 'Personal' and the indicator turn grey

  • Swipe right again on the same transactions to mark it back as business.

Swipe right to mark as Personal

Swipe right again to mark it as Business

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