Getting your show on the road with TAXO'D.

So you've signed up and downloaded TAXO'D. Good on you. Hopefully you've already taken a little look round, but here are a few quick pointers that'll help get the ball well and truly rolling.

Record as you go.

Staying on top of recording transactions will save you a boatload of time and stress in the long-run.

TAXO'D lets you quickly record unlimited income and expenses which sync across your devices and update how much tax you owe in real time.

  • Hit PLUS on the home screen to ADD INCOME - money coming into your business.
  • Hit MINUS on the home screen to DEDUCT EXPENSES - money leaving your business.

The process for recording income and expenses is pretty much the same. Upload or attach an invoice or receipt, fill in the data fields and you're done.

Try recording some transactions yourself, or read more on recording income and expenses.

NEW!! Introducing: BankSync

Automated bookkeeping for your income and expenses.

Learn more here or jump straight into TAXO'D and give it a whirl

HEROES get the BankSync power-up for free. Those on ZERO can still trial BankSync for 7 days, and you even get to keep your data after the trial has ended. So, what's stopping you?

Know what you owe

This is your home home screen. It shows your income, expenses, tax owed and is the starting line for everything else.

Take a gander at this article that takes a deeper dive into your new home of tax zen.

Exporting your data

For those clever sausages on the HERO plan you can export all your data as nice, manageable reports ready to save or share.

Tax return - done

Filing your self-assessment is a easy-peasy. It's intuitive, quick, painless and the entire process is done in-app. There's no green forms, jargon or accountant required.

The tax return filing Power-up is only available on HERO, but you can, and should, complete your tax profile on ZERO so that you are seeing your most accurate TAX OWED figure throughout the year.

There's more filing detail here and a video overview and tutorial but here are the headlines:

  • HMRC Recognised File with confidence. TAXO’D is an HMRC recognised tax-filing engine, so you can be certain that your return is going directly to... Her Majesty.
  • 100% Accuracy Our tax engine is built in alongside HMRC’s calculation. You'll receive a confirmation from HMRC the moment it's filed successfully.
  • Automation Simple step-by-step questions for you to answer with our continuous online support. Using your income and expense data we can complete up to 92% of your tax profile automatically.
  • Smart Sync We’ve built smart syncing into our tax profile, so you only get asked the questions that are relevant to you. That means no answering the same questions, again and again; year after year.
  • Amend & Resend Forgotten something? Made a mistake? Who hasn’t huh? Amending your tax return even after you’ve sent it is an incredibly easy process: Unlock. Amend. Resend.
  • No accountant We've loaded TAXO'D up to the helm with help & support. But if you find yourself stuck or unsure, drop us a message, and we'll do everything we can to help you on your way. So why pay all that extra money for an accountant? You got this!

Check out these articles for more on completing your tax profile, editing current and previous tax year records.

Filing for the 2017/18 tax year is now open. TAXO'D gives you all the tools to stay on top and in control. So why wait until Jan 31st to fine out your tax bill?

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