This, changes everything

One of the biggest issues when it comes to taken control of our finances is keeping track of the day-to-day transactions. We all start the year determined that 'this time' we'll stay on top and in control of our finances, but once we fall off the day-to-day-tracking-band wagon, it's increasingly difficult to ever catch up.

TAXO'D is designed to make recording your transactions as quick and simple as possible, but until now, you are still required to enter each transaction in manually.

Introducing: BankSync

Now you can connect your UK bank account and feed your transactions directly into TAXO'D. All your bookkeeping and categorisation is automatically taken care of for you, saving you days in time wasted on manually entering your business transactions.

All you need to do is to check and confirm your business transactions versus your personal transactions. 

Now you can stay on top and in control of your finances without ever missing another expense again. 

Learn more about BankSync here in these articles or checkout our series of video tutorials here.


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