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All of our time, focus and what little budget we have goes into creating and delivering the best possible product and experience. 

Therefore, TAXO'D has relied on you (our greatest advocates) to share and spread the word with your fellow freelancers, family and friends.

To show our gratitude and to make sure you’re rewarded for your kind deeds, we’ve created a system that rewards you. 

Introducing: Hero Rewards 

When you sign up to TAXO'D, you're automatically issued your own unique sharing code. You can share this code wherever you want, with whomever you want.. as many times as you want. 

When someone signs up to HERO (our paid subscription) you, and your new grateful pal, will receive 10% off your next subscription.

Hero Rewards is built directly into TAXO’D, you can see exactly how many people have signed up and how much you’ve saved off your next subscription.

Sharing's easy.

We've made it simple for you to share TAXO'D with your friends. Tap on "Share with friends" to open up a few options.

  • Social media: We've pre-loaded a few of the popular social media platforms and email with some pre-written content, including a link with your "sharing code" embedded. 

  • Sharing code: Alternatively, you can choose to copy your sharing code (which will look something like "5pcPPDJrWvgR2yaRg") You can share this with whomever you want, but be sure to let the recipient know that they must paste this into the "Invite code" when they sign up. 

Invite code on sign up

TAXO'D, Free, Forever?

There's no limit to how much you can save. 

If ten people sign up using your code, you won't have to pay anything when your next subscription roles around. You'll see a little (1) notification appear on the "Next bill" confirming that your next year is absolutely FREE.

Should you happen to be a sharing-machine™, any sign-ups (above and beyond the ten people) will go towards reducing your subscription cost for the following year. You may never have to pay a penny more for the rest of your tax filing days ._ .

What the FAQ!

What if I share with a cuddly (but lackadaisical) sloth and said sloth does not sign up for ages. Will it still apply?
Yes, this data is captured on their account, so whenever they choose to upgrade you'll receive your discount. (Kudos for having a sloth as a friend BTW)

Do I need to be on HERO to use Hero Rewards?
Nope, even if you're on our ZERO (Free account) you can still share your unique code with anyone and any successful sign-ups will save you money off your first subscription. 

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