After two years in BETA, we’ve finally decided that it was time …. time to kick-off the stabilisers, slap down the visor and drop into the biggest vert ramp in the personal finance park!

Along with the launch of our beautiful new web app, we also see the launch of our HERO subscription. 

HERO brings with it our first two feature power-ups

  1. Tax Return Filing: The simplest way to file your tax return on earth

  2. Export Data, Records & Reports

You still have the benefits of all the free features and time-saving benefits on ZERO (which is Free to everyone). 

But we have so much more in store! In the next couple of months, we'll be following up with some HUGE feature releases that promise to automate and eliminate your tax woes for good.

Stay tuned.

January 17 (2019)

TAXO'D Web app

It's been a long while coming, but our new web app is here! It's packed with great new time saving features and built for everything that's about to come.

I hope you love using it as much time we've spent agonising over it. 😅

Go explore

Tax Profile. Tax, Re-thunk

You can now file your tax return via our beautiful new web app. We now support so much more! Check out the full list here and take a moment to watch our new tutorial which will help you navigate your tax profile and file your tax return.

Go watch our latest video and learn just how flippin' simple it is

Export Data, Record & Reports

You can now export your finances in multiple formats

Learn how

Hero Rewards, Rewards Heroes

Hero Rewards lets you save money each time someone signs up to our HERO subscription using your unique share code.

Learn how to save

Actions +

Introducing Actions +. Auto-categorisation for your repeat transactions.

Check out how Actions+ can help you


Experience the power of XRay vision. Tap on the Xray glasses of our web app, on any screen, and get an overview of what everything is/does.

Tax return filing

Never touch a green form again. Once you've recorded all your income and expenses and your tax profile is at 100%, hit FILE and you're done. Party time.

Category management

Now you can edit invoice and expense categories. Pull or scroll down on the list and will activate the edit mode. You have options to show, hide and reorder the list however it suits you.

Delete recurring items

Now you have the ability to delete your recurring items. Choose to edit or delet one, or all repeat itms witht he same name.

Tax switcheroo

Keeping up to date with your finances in one year whilst trying to catch up on last years, is a nightmare on elm street. Wake up to seamless multi-year management.

Export records

All your data is encrypted and stored safely on our servers. You can an now export everything, including your digital records in PDF or CSV format. Boom.

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