Ever wanted to just... you know, disappear? 

Not, disappear-disappear, instead, the ability to cut the digital-data cord whenever you damn-well feel like it. Well, with TAXO'D you can.

Besides TAXO'D becoming fully GDPR compliant (check out the badge) we've gone above and beyond; given you full control over your data.

Here's two ways to take control of your data:

  1. Manage: Take control of what data we hold on you
  2. Disappear: Delete your account and erase all of your data

1. Manage

To gain full access to your data drop an email to Andrew Gregory (our newly appointed Data Privacy Officer), and he will provide you with your unique Port.im portal code, where you can self-serve data requests in a more controlled and documented way.

2. Disappear 

You can delete / destroy / obliterate every piece of data we may hold on you, right within your own TAXO'D account. Here's how:

From the control screen > Choose Your account (your name at the top) > Manage my account > "Delete my account & data"

⚠️ This can't be undone ⚠️

Once your data's gone, it's gone. You'll be logged out and sent an email confirming that all data we hold on you have now been digitally-obliterated, along with the email address used to notify you (one second after it was sent to be exact).

If you have any other questions regarding your data, drop Andrew (our DPO) an email with a query and he'll be happy to help. andrew@taxodapp.com


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