To file your self-assessment with TAXO'D (included with the HERO option) first check if TAXO'D supports filing for your particular circumstances.                            

For your information

  • We do not support earnings above £85,000 (the current VAT threshold)
  • We support Cash-basis only
  • UK only  



  • Main Tax Return (SA100)
  • Self employment (SA103s)
  • Employment (SA102)
  • Underpaid tax PAYE (SA110)

Included support                                                       

  • Marriage allowance
  • Charitable giving
  • Capital allowance (vehicle only)
  • Payment on account
  • Blind person’s allowance                                   


Do not support                      

  • Additional  information (SA101)
  • Partnerships (SA104)
  • UK property (SA105)
  • Foreign income (SA106)
  • Trust income (SA107)
  • Capital gains summary (SA108)
  • Residence, remittance basis (SA109)

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