After you've submitted your tax return successfully, your transactions for that accounting period in TAXO'D are locked. You can view the previous tax year, but you cannot edit or add new transactions.

However, if you find that you've made a mistake, or need to update/make changes to your return, you can easily do this through TAXO'D.

Here's how to edit your return:

  1. Hit the tax year date at the top of the home screen

  2. Tap the control panel button at the bottom-centre 

  3. Choose EDIT RETURN

Note: Whether you're using iOS or the web app, the process is the same.

Your tax return is now unlocked. You can now make the necessary adjustments to your return. 

Resending your return

Once you're happy, remember to resubmit your tax return so that HMRC are notified of that changes and TAXO'D is up to date. You'll need to make sure this question is answered YES in your tax profile questions before you resend.

NOTE: You can edit and resubmit your self-assessment to HMRC up to 9 times within 12 months of the original filing date of filing. 

But try and nail it the first time around, yeah.

See our guide to filing your return via TAXO'D

Did you know: you can edit your questions, should you need to, from within the summary list. Just hit EDIT next to the question. can also use Hold for Help on each or any of the questions. 🤩

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