The simplest, fastest, most beautiful way to file your tax return on the earth.

In just a few simple steps you'll be wondering what to do with the time you saved.

But wait! Before we kick-off, let's check TAXO'D supports your filing requirements:

Choose your weapon

You can file your Tax Return using TAXO'D on any IOS device or our brand new web-app.

Choose your tax year

By default, TAXO'D operates within the current tax year. If you need to file your tax return form the previous year, you'll need to jump back in time.

Do that by tapping the tax year date at the top of TAXO'D home screen or by swiping right in the control panel.

TIP: To learn how you can quickly and easily catch up on last years tax return, read this article

Complete your Tax Profile

To file your return, your Tax Profile must be 100% complete. (see image below)

Once you've reached the optimum 100%, you'll be greeted with the Prepare to File button.

Click for more info on completing you Tax Profile.

Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self!

Scroll down the summary checklist and give each question a quick once-over. 

Hit EDIT next to the question if you need to make any changes.

Only when you can look yourself in the mirror and honestly state 'I declare, I have answered all questions to the best of my knowledge' -  can you go ahead and hit THE BIG SHINY YELLOW BUTTON.

So we can send and confirm your return with HMRC you'll need to enter your Government Gateway ID and password.  

Now you're done! 

It's so simple, it feels wrong. But that's it, done. You've successfully filed your tax return with HMRC. 🙌

But don't forget to settle your tax bill

You'll need to settle your tax bill through the .GOV website. In the near future (when HMRC catch up) you'll be able to settle your bill directly through TAXO'D. 

Until then, hit VIEW TAX BILL to see exactly how much tax you owe, this includes any payments on account you might owe. 

Hit PAY TAX BILL and be sure to pay the full amount.

What if my return was 'unsuccessful'? 😅

It's unlikely. TAXO'D runs validation at the point of each entry within your tax profile to make sure what you're entering is correct. 

When you submit your return, all your details and figures are cross-checked against HMRC's calculations. Only once your details have been approved by HMRC will your tax return be submitted successfully.

If you should receive an error, it'll most likely be that you've entered your UTR number incorrectly, ya silly sausage.

OR you've forgotten to activate your account online after registering as self-employed.

Editing your return

Should you find you made a mistake, or you want to update/make changes to your return, then this is made incredibly simple with TAXO'D.

Find out how to amend and resend your tax return in this article

Important to note

  • After successfully filing your tax return with HMRC, it will take 1 to 2 days to show on your HMRC account.

  • Once you've paid your tax bill with HMRC, your payments will take 4 to 7 working days to show on your HMRC account. 

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